Whoopi Goldberg……Really!

whoopi goldberg

I watched President Obama’s speech last night and my blog today was going to be about that. I was going to say how I wished Congress would let him speak and only when he is finished, they could applaud or whatever. Instead they stand up every few minutes and interrupt him. He has to stop and wait for the noise to die down before continuing. I commend him for not losing his train of thought. I know their Mothers taught them not to be rude as children. That interrupting someone while the’re speaking is wrong. So why are they behaving like a bunch of teens at a rock concert? Personally, I wanted to hear the speech, why else would I be watching? So on behalf of the Mothers of all the men and women in Congress… sit down!.. and be quiet! Let the man finish. This is what I would have said in today’s blog had Whoopi Goldberg not said it first on The View. So to Whoopie I say…Really!.. you couldn’t think of anything else to say…Really!.. Whoopi Goldberg, Academy Award winner, top comedian…nothing else…Really!…Really?……Love ya, Whoopi…Really!


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