Calif. Schools: New Chairs more important than Special Ed. Students….

chairsWhy does the California school board sell out its teachers and students, especially the special education program? This is a question that I can answer with certainty… greed, plain and simple greed. We would like to believe that it is naivety or stupidity but it’s not, it’s just greed with a capital G. There is not a teacher in California who does not have to dip into their own pockets to buy the essentials for their classroom, special ed. teachers more than most. By essentials I mean pencils, paper, crayons and markers, etc. The arrogance of this school system that tells its teachers they have no money and that there will be layoffs and budget cuts, but then buy expensive new chairs for school board members is par for the course with these people. They discriminate against special ed. kids by treating them as undeserving and not worthy of equal opportunity with the rest of the students. The policy may be “No Kid Left Behind” but the schools in California  forget this with the students who need the incentives and help the most. They not only leave them behind they shuffle them to the back when it comes to handing out money. The schools get state funding, that’s your tax dollars, based on attendance and test scores and kids who struggle are an inconvenience when it comes to funding. What kind of message are they sending our children when a new chair is more important than including them in a summer program that would help them graduate. There is as much corruption in California schools as there is in our government. The difference is the media isn’t reporting it so no one pays attention. How do we fix this…. fire them! Write the Governor, email your Congressman, blitz the media with emails and the next election vote the current school board members out. Send a message that all our kids are deserving and worthy of the best education California has to offer and the next time they want the tax payers to buy a new chair to sit their fat behinds on, tell them “Buy it Yourself”


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3 Responses to Calif. Schools: New Chairs more important than Special Ed. Students….

  1. mark steele says:

    I totally agree. I wish I had a dime for every dollar those idiots spent on their “creature comforts” Ace them all and start over!!!!!

  2. Speaking of “No child left behind” (This may be alittle off topic and if it is, delete) What about all the children who are bored in class because they’re not being challenged. What about “No child left unchallenged?” What about all the children who get lazy and bored becasue they are used to just getting their A’s without any work and then suddenly failing in college because no one is going over anything again and you have to cram to get all the education into one semester?

    Sadly I realized this at a TOO early age.

  3. insider53 says:

    You are right no child should be unchallenged in class but with the planned school budget cuts and the teacher layoffs, the programs to alleviate this, like AP classes will probably fall by the wayside. Even though you are young, you can write the school board and the Governor to let them know how you feel. You could start a petition to make the AP classes more challenging and to better prepare kids for college.

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