Honey! Find My Keys, is it a Trick ?….


What is it with the male of our species? They misplace things all the time, important things like car keys and socks, but when they look for them they can never find them, ever. So he asks you where it is and expects you to find it right away which you usually do. When he does look he bangs around grumbling, blaming everyone but himself, even the dog. He typically gives a quick, cursory glance around the room and then tries to convince you he really looked hard but just couldn’t find it, yeah right!  I think it is a conspiracy to get us to do the work for them. Once he says he “looked” he then asks you to find it because you are just so good at it. In fact if you have been together long enough he doesn’t bother looking himself anymore, he just comes straight to you and asks where it is, like you did something with it. After awhile you will automatically look for anything he’s lost without him asking. I believe this has been the goal all along, to train us without our realizing it. It doesn’t matter what age they are or what your role in their life is, wife, mother, girlfriend, they all do it. Do dads secretly teach this to their sons or is it something in their testosterone? Men want us to become mindless drones who do nothing but find endlessly lost objects. They don’t need us to find it, it’s just easier for them if we do. Well the laugh is on them because what they don’t know, is that we hide their stuff…. we hide it all the time, just because we can, and it’s fun to screw with their heads.


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Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Writer, Voracious Reader, and so much more.
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