It’s Because Your Fat….

fat so

These days if you are a fat person and you need medical attention, good luck. I have never seen a worse case of fat-ism. than I do in the medical community. I know that doctors are not what they used to be, but saying “it’s because your fat, you need to lose weight” as an excuse to cover up their inability to diagnose what’s wrong with you is condescending. They use this excuse to explain why your back hurts, why your head hurts, why your stomach hurts, why your vomiting, etc. If you are not obviously bleeding or have a bone sticking out of your leg, they can’t tell what the problem is. Oh, they will run test, lots and lots of test but if nothing pops out at them, you are on your own. Trying to find out why you don’t feel well is like playing a game of craps, the odds are not on your side. We count on doctors to relieve our suffering and to fix what isn’t working, we trust them but maybe we shouldn’t. We should instead trust our own instincts. Who knows our bodies better than ourselves? Sometimes you are sick or you hurt because there is something wrong with you and it has nothing to do with your weight. The next time a doctor tells you that the numbness in your left hand would get better if you would just lose 30 pounds, don’t let him get away with it, look him right in the eye and without missing a beat say “and you could be a better doctor, if only you were smarter and not such an ass”.


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