How Did I Do That…

I’m sitting here working on my blog for tomorrow, thinking… hmm…wonder what you want to hear about. What would rivet you to your seat…like that’s ever going to happen. Instead of writing I’ll make a list of all the things I need to do tomorrow. After all it’s just a regular day….the 8th…nothing special.

Nothing Special Just a Regular Day To Do List

Wake up…check

Kiss ’73 goodbye…hi ho hi ho it’s off to work he goes…check

Wake up again…check (this is easier now that the kids are grown)

Take care of the dogs and the birds…check (3 dogs & 6 parrots…argh)

Start the laundry…wait… get dressed… then start laundry…check

Try and get my son ’88…who still lives at home…up….check…no…yes…maybe…yes we have lift off…he opened his eye (singular)…good enough…check

Pull out my planner to check my appointments… hmmm…April the 8th a Wednesday…oh look I have to go to the lab and leave some blood for testing and then…and then…BAM!…it hits me, tomorrow is the 8th and not just any 8th, but April the 8th…MY APRIL THE 8TH….OUR APRIL THE 8TH.

How could I do that…forget my 36th wedding anniversary…’73 never forgets (one of his better qualities)…unfortunately he won’t let me live it down (not one of his better qualities)

Must be low blood sugar combined with sleep deprivation (been up for 30 hrs. now)…yeah, that’s it….sleep deprivation…sleep, which I’m not going to get because I have to plan something and… IT’S TOMORROW

Breathe Robin…Breeeathe… to heck with it, it’s been 36 years and I’ve had to plan them all….’73 can plan this one (not his strong suit)…did you hear that ’73 it’s your turn…your up to bat….I’m getting some sleep tonight…tomorrow is a very special day….it’s the 8th of April.

I love you “73 :]

Happy Anniversary '73

Happy Anniversary '73

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4 Responses to How Did I Do That…

  1. KathyB! says:

    It’s so familiar, it’s fascinating — right?! I so know how this goes!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey, happy anniversary.Wow, 36. I made it to ten and then I called it quits. I envy you. I’m working on finding someone to go on a second date with. ;)

  3. KathyB! says:

    I forgot to mention that I only forgot once. I;m reformed now and I never ever forget.

  4. Pooba says:

    36? 36? Dang girl, that is a long time. I mean, that’s longer than I’ve been alive.

    I thought 7 years was doin pretty good. Man I’ve got along way to go!

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