Little Girls….

Momlogic posed the question: What is your “Mom” Anthem on twitter. I gave it a lot of thought and I read the answers of other moms…who had great song choices. Some were uplifting like ” I hope you Dance” and sentimental like ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Mine was “Little girls” from the musical Annie.

Let me explain before you deluge me in negative comments.

My kids were born in ’75..’79..’80 and ’88. The first three were girls and for a few years there it was only girls. My husband ’73 said it was an estrogen fest everyday…boy was he glad when ’88 was born. The thing is you see, as much as I love them, not everyday was uplifting. In fact some days worked on my last nerve…you know the ones I mean…one is constantly challenging everything you say by replying “whatever” and the other two (only 11 months apart) work as a tag team to see if they can break you by ripping the wallpaper off their walls. When asked why…’79 replied ” Mommy I don’t know, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I kept trying to make it even” These were the days I needed this song…not uplifting…not sentimental…but it is my choice because it made me laugh and being able to laugh when all around you is chaos and paperless walls… priceless.

Best listened to while enjoying a glass of 72′ Merlot

Lyrics from Annie’s “Little Girls”….sung by the character Miss Hannagen

Little girls
Little girls
Everywhere I turn
I can see them
Little girls
Little girls
Night and day
I eat, sleep and breathe them

I’m an ordinary woman
With feelings
I’d like a man to nibble on my ear
But I admit no man has bit
So how come I’m the mother of the year? 344770312_548162bb44

Little cheeks
Little teeth
Everything around me is little
If I wring
Little necks
Surely I will get an acquittal

Some women are dripping with diamonds
Some women are dripping with pearls
Lucky me!
Lucky me!
Look at what I’m dripping with
Little girls

How I hate
Little shoes
Little socks
And each little bloomer
I’d have cracked
Years ago
If it weren’t for my
Sense of humor

Some day I’ll step on their freckles
Some night I’ll straighten their curls
Send a flood
Send the flu
Anything that
You can do
To little girls

Some day I’ll land in the nuthouse
With all the nuts, and the squirr’ls
There I’ll stay
Tucked away
‘Til the prohibition of
Little girls.

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3 Responses to Little Girls….

  1. KathyB! says:

    That’s very sweet! And I don’t have an anthem :( Boo for me. I’m still really, really new to twittering, though.

    And how did you not eat them alive when you found them pulling the wallpaper. ACK!

    If you have time I’d love it if you’d check out out video blog today :)

  2. I am seriously laughing my butt off over here. I love Annie – and that song, applied to the paperless wall scenario, makes me want to dance. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. '79 says:

    I remember that… It’s all true. It is a wonder that you never lost your mind when I was having my “creative” moments, especially the less pleasent ones. Ohh, there where so many of them… It’s great that you can laugh about it now!

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