I’m Calling You Out Freckles….

314015_f260Remember in westerns how you would call someone out and meet them in the street at high noon for a gunfight. Well I met a CVS Pharmacy assistant who made me wish it was high noon and time to draw. I could take her, I know I could. Maybe we could do Rocky instead and go 10 rounds in the parking lot. She was like a wall with freckles. First she argued with the pharmacist about one of the medications. She said they were out but he checked and said they had it. The two of them went back and forth on this for several minutes oblivious of the customers waiting. He was right and they had that one but were out of one of the others on the prescription. So hoping for a smidgen of customer service I asked her what we could do. In other words what were the options. This is how it went.

Freckles: (in the most condescending tone you can imagine) “See this prescription”  she holds it up in front of my face.

“See how it has multiple prescriptions on it. Well we can only fill all of them at the same time or none of them” As she points to each one like some freckled Vanna White.

It was Mikes pain medication and they were out of the generic but had the brand which wasn’t covered. It would take 3 days to get the generic medication.

Me: “What is he supposed to do” I said. “He just had surgery, he can’t wait 3 days for the generic”

I am trying to channel Shirley MacLaine from Terms of Endearment but Freckles obviously hasn’t seen the movie.

Freckles:  “Then that will be $58.00”

Me: “Can you call another CVS and see if they have them”

Freckles: “No! that will be $58.00”

(I had a vision of driving from CVS to CVS trying to locate all the generic forms of the medications in one place. We have about 8 of them in a 40 mile radius)

Me: “Fine (deep breath) Can I pay for it now and my Daughter can pick it up with the other medications in thirty minutes”

Since I was agreeing to this extra cost I didn’t want her to have to pay for it. The normal co-pay is $10.00.

Freckles: “No! that will be $58.00” she smirked, she actually smirked at me.

Me: “Why”

Freckles: “It has to go through the process and be paid for at the end of the counter (again she points) all at the same time”

Me: “Fine” while gritting my teeth and I may have growled.

I hate her. I want to go postal on her. I want to erase every little freckle on her face. I hate her voice and her condescending attitude. I am against violence but she may be the exception to the rule. Why! Why! do people with that kind of attitude work in customer service. Who hired her. Who thought she was a people person. I do not get my prescriptions from CVS so I may never run into her again and I have never been more grateful, she should be too.


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15 Responses to I’m Calling You Out Freckles….

  1. ymk says:

    Oh dear! First of all here’s a hug for you, because I know I need hugs after such encounters.
    And I don’t understand either how these people are working at customer services. They are not serving customers in any good way. And why are we so trained to be polite, why can’t we just smack them? I have had a recent encounter with someone who was a little ‘too nice’ if you know what I mean, and I still wish I could punch him, so thats why I sound bitter.

  2. KathyB! says:

    This just makes me crazy. For years I worked in cust. service to get through college. I bit my tongue ’til it bled. Now that I am on the receiving end I expect a little respect. I am about the easiest customer in the world, so it shouldn’t be difficult, but nooooo! You should’ve told her where she could put the $58.00

  3. I know you’re probably not up for this but a nice letter to management (both the store and a cc’d copy to the company) naming Freckles by name and by attitude might be in order.

    • insider53 says:

      Oh Jane,
      That email has already gone out. Once complained about my postwoman and she showed up on my door with a “how dare you attitude” and if that didn’t deter me then nothing will.

  4. Searching for a grenade to stuff in Freckles’ bra…

  5. '75 says:

    I am going to do the best the thing…… Hurt them in the pocket. I spend about $200 a month (that is just my co pay) I am just going to move my business and tell the mgr that it is all freckles fault…….. Maybe MONEY will catch their attention.

  6. ck says:

    You should print this blog up and send it to her manager. And send another copy to someone higher up at CVS, someone in corporate, noting on both letters who is CC’d. Let them know what happened, that you are unhappy, and that you’re blogging about it. If you send a physical letter, not an email or a phone message, you will get a response. And maybe some of your money back…

  7. faemom says:

    Now go get them, insider!

  8. mbowman7 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your problem with freckles. My husband has a back problem from about 3 or 4 yrs ago and has to take medicine for it (unfortunately they can’t do surgery). By now I am sick to death of the people that work at the pharmacies. I understand that times are hard and jobs are few. But I don’t understand how people can have a job that they obviously don’t enjoy. Or on second thought maybe she does enjoy being able to take her frustrations out on others. Anyway I sympathize and know exactly how you feel. Big hugs sent your way !!!

  9. Yaya says:

    Oh I hate when people rub me the wrong way. When I was flying Saturday the flight attendant was extremely rude to me on 3 different occassions yet sweet as sugar to everyone else on the plane. What the??

  10. Gibby says:

    I would have needed the pain meds myself after that.

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