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I am very happy with the amount of visitors that my site has received. I didn’t expect anyone would ever care to read about my take on the world, so imagine my surprise that a few people have miraculously found their way here. The thing is, I would like a little feedback on whether you like it or not. It is through comments that I can learn how to improve my site and write about the subjects you are most interested in. It doesn’t hurt, I promise and it doesn’t take much time to drop a line or two. If that’s too much, then just a word or two, surely you have time for that. I realize that I could be opening myself up for a lot of negativity, but it’s alright because at least there will be a dialogue between us. While positive comments would be preferred, that is not the way the world works and I want you to be able to express your true opinions. I want to know what bugs you about the little things, the every day junk that just makes you crazy. I will try to comment an answer back to you as quickly as I can or I may be inspired to post a whole blog about your rant. Thanks for finding me and for coming back, now make a comment.


About insider53

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Writer, Voracious Reader, and so much more.
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