Superpoke! Pets…..

Superpoke Pets is a fun little program by Slide, where you can have a virtual pet. You can get one from your Facebook or My Space page.  The idea is that you can earn virtual coins to purchase new habitats and personalize it with accessories and furniture and such. To earn these coins you have to feed and play with your pet daily. You can earn more coins when you play with your friends pets and when they play with yours. While you can play with these pets as often as you like, there is a limit to how many coins you can earn doing it. If you really want to earn coins because you have your eye on that penthouse habitat, which cost 2500 virtual coins, then you go to the forums. In the forum topics, every post has a picture of the persons pet and you can click on it (only once a day) to earn coins. Doing this you will be able to purchase that penthouse in no time. This use to be easy and fun and not too time consuming, and then they started changing the rules. First you could only earn 1500 coins a day in the forums, not so bad. Now you can only earn 100 coins per hour that you are on your computer, signed in. This means that you would have to be on your computer 25 hours to earn that penthouse. This is a form of discrimination against those of us who can’t be on the computer a lot. The Slide administrators claim the changes are to control “spam”, but I believe they have some other motivation. While I am not sure what it is, and I don’t know if Slide makes money from these sites. I don’t think they do it for us anymore. The bloom is definitely off the rose and fun has gone out of this game like a kids burst balloon. I hope they change it back soon. If you have one of these virtual pets and want to let the administrators know you disapprove of their new rules, go to the forums and post a message. Look for the topic  STOP!!! THE NEW COIN RULES. Tell them how you feel, stand up and be heard, make them listen. This is the only way for our voices to make a difference. Give them feedback until they crack!


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